Coming Attractions:

It has been quiet some time since a new post has appeared here. I recently heard my name mentioned while lunching at Biaggi’s. An unfamiliar voice in the next booth was explaining my demise.

Yesterday a friend from years past called to see why I was no longer blogging. She was actually checking on weather I was still on the planet. So Dear Reader’s, both of you, can expect new posting very soon. In the mean time please be of good cheer.

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First Sightings

Every Spring we eagerly await the first sightings of the newest generation of Deer. This year our next door neighbor, “The Lady”, was the first to spot a Doe and her youngest edition. The Doe came into her yard and at a unheard signal called her fawn from it’s hiding place in the yard’s deep foliage. We were excited to hear about this sighting, but a little jealous as well.

Last evening as we sat in the garden room having dinner, the “Husband” spotted a Doe standing in the yard near the edge of the ravine. She stood very still for a long period of time. Gradually we spotted some movement in the deep cover a few yards behind her. At first we were not sure of what we had spotted, then at a sign from the Doe, out came her young fawn. In all our years here on the Lane we have never seen such a sight, the little fawn was only slightly larger than a house cat, tawny colored with it’s back covered in light spots, it was a glorious sight to behold. Mother Nature is to be congratulated for this display of beauty. As we watched the Doe and Fawn scampered away into the sunset.

That was life on the Lane renewing it’s self, and we were witness to it all. Be of good cheer.

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Two Ladies in Their Eighties

Perhaps you remember from previous blogs that our next door neighbor to the south of us is known as “The Lady”. She is in her eighties and looks and acts much younger. I state this here only to minimize my own situation which is not so very great. She has a close, life long friend who is also in her eighties. Together they provide much discussion between the “Husband” and I as we sit aimlessly on our front porch drinking whatever is the beverage of the day. Of late these two lovely ladies have actually caused us to go indoors to avoid letting passer by’s the chance to draw an ugly comparison between “them and us” so to speak. For two days running the Ladies in their Eighties have been planting a garden around the base of a bird feeder. They have remained on their knees for hours at a time and seemed to be prepared to continue this for eons. They plant, re-plant and chat, laugh and enjoy themselves to no end. The absolute gall of these two is amazing. Here we are in our mid to late seventies and very comfortable in our early dotage and these two insist on showing off. Go figure.

Moving right along, the garden project is now complete and looking pretty spiffy. Thank goodness we can now return to the porch without fear of being compared to the “Ladies in their Eighties”. Such is life here on the Lane for today.

Be of Good Cheer.

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Morning in America

For two old folks waking up on any morning is a plus, and on a sunny spring morning it is even better. Today was just that kind of a morning. The husband started the coffee, fetched the newspapers and tuned up some cheery music. He is truly a keeper. We try to read both the local newspaper and our Wall Street Journal, and I cannot face the day without testing how far I have declined mentally over night by doing the daily puzzles. Today got off to a rocky start, but came around nicely after the second cup of coffee. The husband has a big day ahead over-seeing the placement and planting of two trees and three tall bushes. Last winter’s ice storm took out our stately Magnolia Tree, it was almost as old as we are, but could not withstand Mother natures cruelty. Today we will try to spruce things up with the plantings.

On my way upstairs I had to rest for a minute and chose to take a seat in an old wing back chair located in our front room. This room has no less than five windows looking out past the greenery of the yard, across the gravel Lane and toward what is our River View. Today the river has been completely erased by all manner of foliage that is absent during the winter months. Our view is minimal at best but we can see the light bouncing off the river on very cold mornings. Looking out the side window, I noted the American flag waving on my neighbors porch and then heard the twang of another neighbors mower. A bright red flash of Cardinal crossed the lawn in pursuit of a female he probably hoped to woo. Later, if it warms enough we will have a glass of wine on the front porch while we decide where to place this years ferns. Our days are good, with only the discomfort of aging issues in various parts of our anatomy and worries about the life our Grandchildren will be facing. I fear history will not give a good report of our handling of current events. There is little we can do today about it so I will hoist myself out of my cozy chair and get on with the day.
That is life on our Lane for today, be of good cheer.

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Birds of a Feather

At long last Spring. Every year about this time we are visited by a pair of Wren’s. Anxious to build a nest for the eggs to come, they select an empty flower pot and busily fill it with stuff to make a nest. It is really my fault that they choose the same spot each year since I am the one who leaves the pots out on our porch as a reminder that Spring will come. And so it has, and now the Wren’s have staked their claim and we will be shooed off our own porch by these pesky, industrious, noisy birds for weeks.

Speaking of winged creatures, we are also welcoming our Snow Bird friends who are flying home from Florida, Arizona, California and other exotic locations. We are giddy with excitement and so glad to have them back in our midst once more. Tanned, toned and full of exciting tails, Oops, I mean tales and ready to reconnect with their pale, antsy home grown friends. Let the fun begin.

Here on the Lane we are enjoying the beauty of Magnolia, Red Bud and Apple tree’s in full bloom. The air is sweet with their fragrance, bringing with it the return of the Bee’s, Butterflies and Wild Turkeys. Life on the Lane is very good. Mother Nature really knows how to kick off a season.

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Hello again! Such a long time since my last post. For some reason there has not been anything worthy of posting. Actually, there still isn’t, but here goes, maybe inspiration will appear.

We have been experiencing fabulous weather, one of the mildest Winters in years. Just north of us however, say in the Chicago area, not so nice. Go figure. Last night after watching “Downton Abbey” I wandered over to Fox News and found a panel of pundits, only listened for a few minutes but picked up this comment. “Why can’t we have a crazed leader, other Countries do.” Ponder that, there is actually some truth in it, let them be scared of us for a change. ( I did warn you about the lack of inspiration.) Moving right along.

With the near advent of Spring, we have, as is our custom, ceased feeding our herd of deer. There is much around for them to chew on so we no longer fear for their deprivation. They will continue to appear at the sun room windows looking irked, but after a few days they will move on. We will miss them, but we know they are not far away.

Will end here, inspiration gave no indication that it was going to appear.
Be of good cheer, that is Life on the Lane for today.

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Waking Up To and All New Week

Waking at our age is an event in itself, something to be celebrated. So the Husband and I rejoiced and started our day with the usual good stuff, coffee, the local newspaper, muffins and each other. We reflected on our brunch outing yesterday. To my great disappointment no one cared about my fur coat. I had several really choice comment’s at the ready and was denied the opportunity of using them. We were informed by the staff that the main dining room was too cold for comfort and we were directed to a side room. We settled in to a cozy table with a nice view of the frozen Illinois river and a bright sunshine bouncing off it’s surface. The food was warm and tasty. We splurged and had two drinks each, Bloody Mary’s for the Husband and White Wine for me. We drove home and settled in for a quick nap. Life just does not get any better than that.

Quiet, easy afternoon and then the arrival of our herd of Deer. Watching them is so calming and serene. They in turn watch us with a suspicious eye, they probably think of us as captured critters behind our glass windows.

Life on the Lane is pretty darn good. Be of good cheer.

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